Coy: Charity


The mission of “Coy Cares” is to encourage communities to come together to support organizations that help to better the community by providing opportunities and resources to its citizens.

“Coy Cares” is a charitable organization, founded by Coy Bowles with the help of two of his former teachers, Patsy Dean and Tom Sullivan. The goal of the charitable organization is to instill in youth the belief that with hard work dreams are possible; to nurture talented youth and give the youth opportunities to develop their talent. Most importantly, the foundation seeks to unite the community and raise awareness of the needs of the mentally and physically handicapped.

In early 2010, Coy began speaking at his hometown middle and high school, Upson-Lee Middle School and Upson-Lee High School. This initial venture served to motivate and inspire young teens to dream and to work diligently to be the best they can be in order to attain the dream. During the same time, Coy began writing articles for the Upson Beacon, a Thomaston, GA local newspaper. Coy’s articles consistently reinforced his belief that achieving dreams are possible when an individual has the drive and the work ethic necessary to realize his/her dream. The speaking engagements and the article writing served to motivate Coy to develop the charitable organization “Coy Cares” whose purpose is to raise money to benefit the Gilmore Center in Coy’s hometown, Thomaston, GA. The Gilmore Center is an organization that provides assistance, resources and job opportunities for mentally and physically challenged citizens. “Coy Cares” organized volunteers who participate

in events throughout the Thomaston community to raise awareness and to raise support for the Gilmore Center. Coy strongly believes in the importance of remembering, of honoring, and of supporting his hometown roots. Coy and his family have always been thankful for the safe and welcoming atmosphere in Thomaston, GA, and Coy believes the least he can do is find ways to give back to his hometown so that it remains a wonderful town for future generations.

The Gilmore Center is a special place to Coy and to his family. Coy had a uncle who was mental handicap. With the guidance of the staff of the Gilmore Center, Coy’s uncle became a happy, healthy and working member of society. The Gilmore Center’s love and care for Coy’s uncle provided Coy’s family with peace of mind because the uncle had found joy and purpose through the Gilmore Center. Because of Coy’s uncle’s experience at Gilmore Center, he became keenly aware of the importance of organizations like the Gilmore Center. The Gilmore Center’s survival is essential to the families with mentally and physically challenged loved ones. Coy is passionate about finding ways to provide additional funding for the Gilmore Center, which is financially stressed due to State budget cuts. Coy is determined to provide assistance to the Gilmore Center because he strongly believes in the necessity for maintaining the existence of this incredible haven for the mentally and physically handicapped.

In April 2010, “Coy Cares” ventured into its first fundraising event at Thomaston’s annual “Smoke on the Water Barbeque and Bluegrass Festival” held each year at Bickley’s Lake.

T-shirts, koozies, CD’s, and copies of the “Southern Ground Cookbook” were sold for the cause. In addition, the group organized a “Youcycle” race with the winner taking home one of the “Youcycles.” Coy also auctioned a guitar autographed by Z.B.B., as well as participating in the day’s entertainment. Coy also signed autographs and took photos with local fans. During the event, Coy took time out to provide guitar lessons to two groups of five Thomaston middle/high school students. Coy provided the students with Gibson Acoustic Guitars to use during the lessons. Upon completion of the lessons, Coy surprised the students by giving each of the ten students the Gibson Acoustic Guitar. The students were not only surprised, but also they were ecstatic!

Members of the Gilmore Center, as well as other members of the Thomaston community graciously volunteered to run the “Coy Cares” booth, conduct the races, and help organize the guitar lessons. With the help of all of these volunteers and the enthusiasm of the Thomaston community, the first “Coy Cares” fundraiser was a great success. Please visit our store to purchase “Coy Cares” t-shirts and koozies. All proceeds benefit the Gilmore Center.

Want to participate in “Coy Cares” events? We can always use helpful volunteers. If you live in/around/between Thomaston and Atlanta, Ga and you want to get involved, shoot us an email at Be sure to put “VOLUNTEER INFO” in the subject line. Within the email, please include your contact info and what general vicinity you reside in. We will keep your info on file and contact you when we schedule events.