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glass Dunlop guitar slide exactly like the one Coy uses on stage.

Written by Coy Bowles
Illustrated by Leah Cebulski
Foreword by Zac Brown

The debut children’s book by Zac Brown Band member
Coy Bowles is a story of self-confidence and eassurance, accepting who you are and the realization that our differences make each of us beautiful and unique. The reader is taken into a world of imagination through the eyes of Amy Giggles and her boisterous laugh.

A portion of the proceeds of sale of this book will be donated to Camp Southern Ground, Inc.
a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

Amy Giggles Tee

Soft cotton tee – shirt.

Amy Giggles Tee

Coy Bowles Logo Tee – Gray
Soft cotton tee – shirt.

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Slide Tee

Coy Bowles Slide Tee – Black
Soft cotton tee – shirt.

Midnight Troubadour

Coy Bowles from Zac Brown Band has partnered with Peter Grimm to bring you a second limited edition fedora: The Midnight Troubadour.

Hand-assembled by Coy himself at Southern Ground headquarters in Atlanta, GA (in collaboration with Southern Hide and Southern Grind), this fedora-style hat comes loaded with guitar goods for your late night jam sessions including: a leather key chain, a metal guitar pick that can be worn as a necklace and a glass Dunlop guitar slide exactly like the one Coy uses on stage. All of these additional items come stamped with the official Coy Bowles logo.

The first 300 hats sold will be autographed by Coy and include an upgraded numbered metal guitar pick.

Headwear Includes:
- Coy Guitar Slide
- Coy Guitar Pick

The Troubadour
Coy Bowles from Zac Brown Band and Peter Grimm bring you a limited edition fedora, “The Troubadour.” This exclusive hat was designed and hand assembled by Coy Bowles at the Southern Ground headquarters in Atlanta GA in collaboration with Southern Hide. “The Troubadour” is perfect for the traveling musician of any age.

Headwear Includes:
- Coy Guitar Slide
- Coy Guitar Pick

“Love Takes Flight” tee shirt

1. Love Train
2. Hold On
3. Follow The Sun
4. My Heart’s On Fire
5. Living My Life

5. The Healing
6. Sailing Away
7. This Ol’ Town
8. So Long So Long

“Love Takes Flight” – Released 2011

1. I’ve Been Waiting
2. We Will Carry On
3. Into The Distance Intro
4. Into The Distance

5. Saturday Night
6. I Ain’t Loving You
7. When Will I See You Again
8. Goodbye Lullaby
(featuring Oliver Wood)

“Into The Distance” – Released 2006

Charcoal Grey Gildan Soft Style shirt.
100% cotton.
Available in Youth and Adult sizes.
$15.00 + $4.00 shipping.

All proceeds go to charity!