Music: About Zac Brown Band

Coy Bowles and Zac Brown first met while attending West GA State University, around the age of 19. Coy was studying biology. At the time the two were merely acquaintances who would “bump into each other from time to time.” Bowles says, “I remember the first time I heard Zac sing. I walked into a restaurant and Zac was singing and playing guitar. I heard a couple tunes and turned to my buddy and said, “That dude might have the richest and loudest voice I ever heard!” I don’t even think Zac had a microphone and you could hear him all across the bar.”

After a brief stint at West GA, Coy had a change of heart and move to Atlanta to pursue music studies at GA State University. Once in Atlanta, Coy quickly became heavily involved in the blues, rock, singer-songwriter and jazz communities. In 2004 he formed the band, Coy Bowles and the Fellowship. Around the same time he began to hear Zac’s name surface in Atlanta. A couple of Coy’s friends were playing with Zac Brown Band and he read about them in the paper quite often.

With the growing success of The Fellowship, it was time to seek out a “bigger band” to open for. Coy decided to reach out to Zac Brown. He contacted his friends who were playing with Zac and attended a show. The two spent some time catching up and Coy ended up sitting in with Zac Brown Band that night. A couple of months later, The Fellowship was booked for a gig at The Five Spot, the same night Z. B.B. was playing at Variety Playhouse, next door. Coy invited the guys to come over to Five Spot after their show. Zac and the guys sat in with The Fellowship that night.

A week or so after the Five Spot show, Zac called Coy to compliment him and The Fellowship and invite them to open for Z.B.B. any time they would like. Coy told Zac it was the break they had been looking for. Zac also suggested that Coy play keys with Z.B.B., as his keyboard would conveniently, already be on stage. Coy began learning the Z.B.B. songs that same night.

For the next eight months Coy juggled The Fellowship, Z.B.B., a serious relationship, and 30 music students. He soon became overwhelmed and exhausted. He decided to put The Fellowship on hiatus and focus on Z.B.B. He says it was a hard choice. He felt like he was giving up on my band. However, the work ethic and talent of Z.B.B. along with the music they were playing, was just what he had been looking for. He knew it would prove to be a great experience.