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Behind the

Little Red Door

Social-Emotional Activity Kit

Coy has partnered with Lakeshore Learning to promote social-emotional competence, creativity and storytelling with an all-in-one kit based on his new book, Behind the Little Red Door! Featuring beautiful illustrations and lighthearted rhymes, the book shows what might be behind an intriguing red door—from a field of red flying foxes to a room that’s upside down. Kids discover it could be anything…if they just use their imaginations! The kit is packed with engaging materials, including a CD featuring 10 original songs written and performed by Coy himself—just click “Listen” for a preview of each tune! Plus, you get a storytelling board with 10 facial features and 25 storytelling pieces, skill-building activity cards, puzzles, books and more! All components store neatly in the custom-designed box.

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