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CD from Coy Bowles and the Fellowship

Track List:

1. Love Train

2. Hold On

3. Follow The Sun

4. My Heart’s On Fire

5. Living My Life

6. The Healing

7. Sailing Away

8. This Ol’ Town

9. So Long So Long

Love Takes Flight | Coy Bowles and the Fellowship

SKU: CD002
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$7.50Sale Price
  • Love Takes Flight is a glance into Coy's love of groove and horns slowly drifting into his new found affinity for simpler songwriting. The album itself took place in a very unique way - it was a challenge, an experiment, and a reason for fellow ZBB bandmate, Clay Cook, and Coy to make music together. With a couple of songs written and no immediate intention to record a solo album, Coy got the push he needed from Clay to book some rehearsal time and get ready to record.


    This album is a crossover between a horn-heavy funk/blues/soul (the sound that Coy Bowles and the Fellowship typically played) and a singer, songwriter, Americana feel, which is felt in the driving funk of "Living My Life" to the acoustic nature of "Hold On." Coy explains, "The song 'So Long So Long' was written for and about a dear friend of mine who had recently passed away at too young of an age. The guitar solo on that song is three different amps turned to 11, with all of the guitar pedals cranked. I wanted the guitar to if you were taming it like a wild horse."

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