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Into The Distance

Coy Bowles and the Fellowship


Track List:

1. I’ve Been Waiting

2. We Will Carry On

3. Into The Distance Intro

4. Into The Distance

5. Saturday Night

6. I Ain’t Loving You

7. When Will I See You Again

8. Goodbye Lullaby (featuring Oliver Wood)

Into The Distance | Coy Bowles and the Fellowship

SKU: CD001
  • Coy Bowles and The Fellowship is a band that fuses the roots of blues with the spontaneity of jazz with twinges of gospel, country, and rock. Bowles says, “The idea behind The Fellowship is to have a group of musicians playing together under one common goal. The goal is to play your heart out and get down with the get down. It’s a rotating swirl of musicians. I wrote tunes and arranged them in a way in which the listener could appreciate the songs for the melody and lyrics but still have sections where the music was highly improvisational and could change on a nightly basis. When I started writing music for this band, I really wanted to compose music that the listeners could connect to, music which possessed a distinct and completely original sound, while still giving a ‘hat-nod’ to my musical heroes.” In 2006, Coy Bowles and the Fellowship released their first album, “Into the Distance.” In 2007, Bowles joined Zac Brown Band. Coy Bowles and the Fellowship continue to play in the Atlanta area when he is not on the road with ZBB.

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