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New CD from Coy Bowles and the Fellowship

Track List:

1. Help Me If You Can

2. Give It One More Day

3. Crucify

4. Never Gonna See You Again

5. You and I

6. Perfect Harmony

7. What Are You Waiting For

Tiger Pride | Coy Bowles and the Fellowship

SKU: CD003
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$7.50Sale Price
  • The Tiger Pride album started right after the Zac Brown Band finished the "Grohl Sessions Vol. 1" with Dave Grohl. Upon completing that album, Coy was heavily into rock n' roll and guitar riffs and was ready to do his own rock record. Soon after building a recording studio in his home, Coy began having jam sessions with members of the Fellowship and other Atlanta-based musicians. With three years of long nights and hardwork, Tiger Pride was finished and released. Coy is especially proud to have recorded this entire album in his home based studio.


    As Coy reflects on the album, he says, "rock n' roll is all about the driving guitar and drums, the feeling and the melody - not so much the lyrics. I fought with myself a lot on this album...about the lyrics not being good enough. Ultimately, I decided that some of my favorite rock n' roll songs don't have the deepest lyrics, but all of the other stuff makes up for it." One of the songs on the album that holds a special place for Coy is "What Are You Waiting For," - "I feel like it's one of the most meaningful songs I've ever written," says Coy. 


    Tiger Pride [tahy-ger prahyd]: A state of mind which occurs when life gets tough; an inner core of spiritual strength comes forward to help you prevail all obstacles

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